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Why DIY your Marketing (Season 1 Episode 1)

by Clair Condit | The Marketed Musician Minute Podcast

Why should you DIY your marketing as a classical musician, and what are the first steps you can take to connect with your audience and communicate your value?

That’s what we’re going to cover in this inaugural episode of The Marketed Musician Minute podcast.

After you’ve had a chance to listen…

In the podcast, we talked about how marketing is all about connecting and communicating value, so I want to share with you an opportunity to take the first steps in communicating your value in a way that compels people to take action.

It’s a free 5-day challenge that’ll help you write your bio so it makes a compelling first impression with students, audiences and anyone else who might be reading it.

The start of the new year is a fantastic time to write or update your bio, and I put together the free 5 Day Compelling Bio Challenge to help you do just that.

You can sign up for free over at

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