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Why Creating Your Unique “Offerings” Elevates Your Career

The key to reaching your highest potential while earning your highest profit?Having something to OFFER. Sharing YOUR unique offerings (beyond your beautiful musicality) will elevate your music career far faster than waiting around for someone to hire you.Join us LIVE to learn about why you need "offerings" and what's been holding you back from creating them.Then snag a free chapter from our "Create Your Offerings" Workbook to help you clarify your musical services and products. You can download it by clicking the image at the bottom of this week's blog post --->

Posted by The Marketed Musician on Monday, November 27, 2017


Your talents & gifts are meant to be shared.

If you are a freelancing musician who is dedicated to making your career work, this article is for you. Fair warning: You may read this article and find yourself thinking, “I can’t do this” or “this doesn’t resonate with me.” Please know that this is simply your fear coming out of its shell and that resistance to stepping outside of your comfort zone is natural. But if you desire making an impact and believe that you are meant for something bigger than yourself (and if you don’t believe this, please write to us and we will personally remind you of this!), I encourage you to acknowledge your resistance and remain curious to a world of possibility.

So. I’ll be real with you. We’ve got a serious problem:

Creative artists (aka musicians) are being held captive in low paying ensembles, companies, and organizations. I know, I know. Kind of bold. (Especially coming from a singer who sings frequently with a variety of companies.) So, allow me to clarify. Musicians are some of most creative, artistic, and ingenious people to walk this earth. Our sole mission is to create. To create something that wasn’t once there. To create an experience for those who listen. To create for the sake of creating. So when our capacity for creativity is solely dependent on a company’s wages, there are two things that can happen:

ONE) We lose touch with our creative selves. 

We forget what it feels like to make, build, design, write, or conceive of something new. And worst of all, we begin viewing creativity as a chore rather than an outlet. (A highly impactful, save-the-world kind of outlet, for that matter.)

TWO) We limit our paths to profitability. 

It’s oh, so nice to have a paycheck. (Boy, do I know it!) But as that paycheck keeps coming in, somewhere along the way, we decide that that’s it. That we’ve hit our glass ceiling because we’re getting paid to make music. We turn away from other options. And, worst of all, we turn away from our highest potential.   So, look. This is in no way the company’s fault. We love good companies. We love ensembles that put together collaborative, musical performances for our communities. We love organizations that take care of their musicians. But it doesn’t end there. YOU are the creative being that is designed to actually create. So today, we’re talking all about creating your offerings. Before we do, let’s define two very important terms:

Offerings: What you offer, serve, and deliver to your audience.

Audience: Fans, customers, clients, colleagues, directors; Anyone willing to pay you for your services or products.

Seems pretty simple, yes? It’s because it truly is that simple. Let’s take a pianist for example. A pianist offers accompaniment services to singers needing a pianist for an audition. Offering = Accompaniment services Audience = Singers needing an accompanist No matter what your instrument, you have something to offer. It can be as simple as a solo performance or as specific as audio-engineered session recordings. But as I said earlier, you have the creative wherewithal to offer something outside of a paid musical organization. Look within. Trust your value. When you see what you truly have to offer, your offerings will pour right out of you.

Side effects of creating your unique offerings include:


  1. Creatively making an impact on others through your individual gifts + talents
  2. Raising positive awareness around your brand
  3. Aligning your strengths with your highest potential
  4. Providing (MANY) more streams of income, and…
  5. Increasing your income

(And I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of on a mission to reach my highest potential while earning my highest profit.) Are you with me?

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