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Folks. We’re here. We’re officially living in a video-centric world.


Video has, and continues to be, shown as the top online tactic for marketing. With more than a billion Youtube users and a 65% conversion rate, videos are undeniably impactful and they are here to stay!

If you’re a musician who hasn’t utilized video for your music career, now is the time, my friend. We are no longer “entering” the digital age, so hop on our online-marketing train and we promise – you’ll be happy you did!

Now before you comb your hair, slab on some makeup (ladies) and plop yourself in front of a camera, you must know why you’re making a video in the first place. (Without having an intention behind your video, well, you may be seen as that “rambler” on Instagram stories.) This goes for all videos that contribute, support, or correlate with your music career.

If you want to create a memorable brand, you need to use video.

If you want to begin getting more eyeballs, you need to use video.

If you want to get large audiences at your concerts, you need to use video.

If you’re a musician, you need to use video.


(Catch my drift?)

Okay, okay. So now you know you need to use video.

But… how? Which one? And…what do I say?

Before you begin anything (in life, really), you must define your purpose. Not the woo-woo kind of purpose (although that helps too), but the purpose, or intention, behind your post.

Why are you using video? What are you trying to convey? What message do you want your audience to receive?

If you can answer these questions, the rest is so much easier. But trust me when I say – most people don’t answer those questions. So, hey. Take on the challenge. Be the minority. And really, truly reflect on your intention behind your action.

For example:

I’m posting this video because I want to show a performance … isn’t *quite* deep enough. But if you establish your deeper why, you’ll be better equipped to create the right marketing tactics.

Try this:

I’m posting this video this performance enhances my brand and shares who I am. This allows me to build trust with my audience and connect with a community of people who like what I offer.

See the difference?


Alright. You know why you’re posting the video. So now the question is…how?

Choose the right platform.


Now, there’s a lot of platforms out there so we’re focusing on the 3 biggies: YouTube, Facebook Live, and Instagram Stories.

Because here’s the thing: while they are all video platforms that share very similar qualities, they each have their unique assets that set them apart. And by knowing what those are, you can best decide which platforms to use for your marketing purpose.





The oldest platform of the three, YouTube is undoubtedly the best platform for video. It is literally designed for video. But before we all begin posting every video ever on YouTube, it’s important to understand what the pros AND cons of the tube.


In general, YouTube is great for:

  • Videos meant to be re-watched
  • Edited + enhanced videos
  • Longer lengths of time
  • Wider audiences


For musicians, YouTube is great for:

  • Live or pre-recorded performances (streaming, audition tapes, etc.)
  • Informational or satirical content
  • Music videos
  • Tutorials


In other words, YouTube is great is meant to be replayed. With its easy sharing options and public links that don’t require a login, YouTube is the best platform for highly intentional posting. The most successful videos are those that are well thought out, edited, and had a specific purpose.





Can you believe that Facebook Live only became available to everyone less than 2 years ago? It definitely didn’t make a splash so much as a giant wave in the world of marketing. With its versatile features and accessibility to reach a larger mass live, Facebook Live has become a go-to resource for both small and large businesses.


In general, Facebook Live is great for:

  • Live events
  • Interactive videos
  • Videos (usually) less than 1 hour long
  • Targeted audiences


For musicians, Facebook Live is great for:

  • Live performance streaming
  • Lectures or presentations
  • Previewing a performance
  • Answering questions & connecting with a community


Can you stream live on YouTube, too? Yes. Can you be live on Facebook for more than an hour? Absolutely. But in general, Facebook Live is the best platform for sharing something in the moment. Whether you’re trying to increase attendance at your concert, or want to enhance your brand through specific aspects, Facebook Live’s got you covered.


*Bonus tip: Facebook’s algorithm loves their live feature. So if you’ve got a Facebook Page (as a business/artist), your live videos are going to get way more eyeballs than a photo or status post.





Shortly after Facebook Live became available to the public, Instagram hopped on the live train and added their Stories feature a year later. And much like Facebook’s Live feature, Stories, too, became a favored marketing approach. The difference? IG Stories is made up of both video AND photo and the video feature holds space for 15 second increments. And now, you can share them from any time (live or pre-recorded in your phone’s gallery). Game. Changer.


In general, Instagram Stories are great for:

  • Live or semi-live (played at a later time) events
  • Small clips (15 seconds each) that make up a “story”
  • Sharing hashtags and geotags to connect locally
  • Writing short captions, features, or emojis


For musicians, Instagram Stories are great for:

  • A behind the scenes look (backstage, practice sessions)
  • Previews of a performance
  • Personal perspective or insight
  • Targeting your audience both locally and psychographically


Can you go live on Instagram? Absolutely. Though because of its limited 24 hour feature, Facebook Live is a better option for videos meant to be replayed.

Knowing what each platform offers may feel like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many of us don’t utilize them as well as we could. By knowing what you’re offering and who you’re offering it to, you’ll better understand which platform to use.


Next time you post a video, ask yourself these questions:


What am I trying to communicate?
Why do I want to communicate it?
(Remember – this is your marketing why.)
Who do I want to communicate this to?
Are they on this platform?


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