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It’s the age-old chicken or the egg debate…

What comes first: your music or your audience?

Especially in the arts, this can be a subject of hot debate. For example:

  • If you’re struck with a brilliant idea for a creative project, does it need to come to a halt if it doesn’t serve your audience?
  • Or, if you discover that your students really like a style of music that isn’t what you normally teach, does that mean you need to change your teaching style to fit their desires?

While the complete answer is certainly more than we can unpack in a single blog post, two things are absolutely true.

1) Your Brand Promise and Audience Desires both matter. 2) It’s a balance.

In last week’s blog post and Facebook Live, we talked about the internal elements of your brand.

We learned that your brand is not what you do. It’s who you are.

Bringing authenticity into your business and brand is crucial to your success. But we can’t stop there!

If we only focus on our Brand Promise and what we love to do, we’ll feel inspired by our work. But that work may not be serving others, which is a vital part of any successful business.

We can learn so much from our customers! (Think: audiences, students, clients, people who hire us for gigs, etc.)

Understanding who your customer is helps you define your business offerings around your customers’ needs and wants, instead of inventing offerings on a whim and hoping they will sell.

Especially for those of us who are multi-passionate and constantly dreaming up new projects…understanding who our customer is and what lights them up can act like a filter to help us chose which projects to focus on first.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that powerful messages delivered through marketing can definitely help your audience get excited about projects you love.

But without thoroughly understanding your audience’s needs, desires and struggles, it’s impossible to connect the dots.

We want to help you connect the dots between your Brand Promise and your Audience Desires so that you can discover your ultimate “Sweet Spot.”

(You know, that place where both you AND your audience fall in love with your brand!)

To help jumpstart your brand research and discover your unique Sweet Spot, we’ve created The Ultimate Brand Brainstorm as a helpful free resource.

Ready to discover the Sweet Spot in your brand? Grab our free gift to you – The Ultimate Brand Brainstorm – to get access to thoughtful prompts and strategies that help nudge you in the right direction with your brand!

And we believe that musicians no longer need to be afraid of business & marketing.



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