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So you never feel stuck, confused, or intimidated by that dreaded ‘about’ page ever again!



As musicians, we’re natural storytellers.

  • Composers orchestrate exciting adventures.
  • Performers help audiences get lost in the moment.
  • Music teachers help students turn notes on a page into musical expression.

But the hardest story to tell is always our own.

When we sit down to write our website’s About page, one of two things usually happen:

  1. We get overwhelmed by everything we’ve done and don’t know which elements of our story to pluck out of thin air.
  2. Our minds draw a blank, and we’re not sure if we have anything interesting to say about ourselves.

If you can relate to either of those scenarios, then this 33-page workbook is for you!

Instead of floundering around to come up with something beyond, “Hi, my name is…” or confusing people by flip-flopping between disjointed elements of your story, you’ll have a blueprint for telling your story in a way that’s confident, consistent and compelling.

Fair warning: This workbook is dense. But it’s guaranteed to fill your brain with juicy and inspiring revelations (just ask any of our clients!).

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