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Instagram 101

Join us for tips on Instagram engagement, taking great photos, and building a community!Want more tips (and to see real life examples)? Check out this week's blog post: mentioned:Snapseed — Photo editingVSCO — Photo filtersMosaico — Feed layout Buffer — Post planner

Posted by The Marketed Musician on Monday, January 22, 2018


5 ways to instantly improve your Instagram photos.


Of all of the social media platforms out there, there is one that consistently make waves in the world of marketing:


With its video capabilities, customized story options, and community based hashtags, Instagram is truly all the rage when it comes to building your brand.

The problem? Most musicians are unsure how to really utilize it.

It can be all too easy to scroll through a feed of beautiful, professional photos taken by the bloggers, photographers, and travelers of the world. (Anyone else wonder how those “solo travelers” get gorgeous shots all over the world?!) And often times, we fall into comparison traps, paralyzing us from taking great photos ourselves.

Not anymore!


If you’ve ever wondered how to take photos to reflect your brand, here’s 5 ways to instantly improve photo feed:




A great way to add pizzazz to your photo feed, flat lays are the close up bird’s eye view of your choosing. The best part about flat lays? They’re easy.

Musicians have the unique benefit of having things like sheet music and instruments. These are wonderful props to use for a simple and personable photo.


Pro Tip: Use other props as a way to add more variety in your flat lays.

Great props to use:

  • Coffee (freshly brewed!)
  • Laptop
  • iPad
  • Writing utensil
  • Paper
  • Candle
  • Plant

Some of our favorite flat lays:

Holly does an amazing job of incorporating props, colors, and inspiration!
Follow Holly on Instagram @holly_eddy


Chenoa uses sheet music as an asset to draw in what her day to day life looks like.
Follow Chenoa on Instagram @chenoacello



Who doesn’t love personable portraits?

As professional musicians, most of us have some sort of photos (hopefully professionally taken!) that show off who we are. (If you don’t, now’s the time! Check out this workshop that covers picture perfect photos.)

Don’t be afraid to show yourself off! The more that we see your face, the more that we can connect with you on a deeper level.


Pro Tip: Wear your brand colors in your photoshoot to create a cohesive brand!


Some of our favorite feeds with portraits:

Drew does an impeccable job of using his portraits + color filters to create an awesome cohesive brand!
Follow Drew on Instagram @thatviolakid


Chenoa proves that you don’t have to have music related portraits to make a beautiful photo feed!
Follow Chenoa on Instagram @chenoacello




Most people don’t have any idea what it’s like to be a musician — but they love to learn!

Sharing the “backstage preview” of your rehearsals, performances, and everything in between is truly captivating for the “muggles” out there who know nothing about the #musicianlife.

Being a musician is pretty freakin’ cool. Share about it!


Pro Tip: Use Instagram Stories as a way to share your personal side.
Snap a photo or video of rehearsals, practice time, or your day to day experiences.


Some of our favorite feeds that share experiences:

Katie did an amazing job documenting her European travels as a professional opera singer.
Follow Katie on Instagram @the.weiser.soprano


Jolene shares her experiences practicing and teaching the flute with bright, inspiring photos and videos.
Follow Jolene on Instagram @joleneflute




Probably one of the best features about Instagram are the 1 minute videos. Yes, it’s only a minute. BUT, with constant studies proving a human’s low attention span these days, a minute is about all we got in us anyway.

For musicians, these 1 minute videos are everything.

Promoting your concert. Recording your raw practice time. Sharing your original song. Showcasing your talent.

If there’s one thing we’ve seen on Instagram, it’s that video draws people in. Whether it’s live or pre-recorded, video is becoming one of the best marketing tools out there. People love to see you. And video creates connection.


Pro Tip: Set up your phone on a tripod (thank you, Amazon!) in front of natural lighting.
Don’t be afraid to ask your directors if you can record a snippet of your rehearsal!


Some of our favorite feeds that showcase videos:

With nothing but style, Rachel shares incredible videos of her playing, recording, practicing, and promoting her brand.
Follow Rachel on Instagram @rachel_ombredane


Ariana gets creative with her videos by adding the sheet music underneath her playing. Love it!
Follow Ariana on Instagram @arianaflute




A great tool to play with is adding text overlays to your photos. Text adds a new dynamic to a photo and draws people in to a specific benefit.

Get creative! Use text to promote an event, share an inspiring quote, or tips and tricks on your specific niche. You name it and you can do it!


Pro Tip: Use the Canva app online or on your phone to create images for free.
Upload your images or use your brand colors as a background for the text.


Some of our favorite text overlays:

Alysa uses beautiful flat lays and her brand palette to create text overlays and direct people to her blog.
Follow Alysa on Instagram @alysaflute


Emily uses portraits and selfies as the background to her text overlays as a way to promote skype lessons.
Follow Emily on Instagram @emilyplayscello


Want more where that came from?


We’ve got a workshop to help you go from planning to creating.
You’ve got big ideas of what you want your music career to look like. Now it’s time to take action.


The Master Your Media workshop walks you through how to create your portfolio with:

  • Great photos
  • Videos
  • Audio tracks
  • Compelling biography
  • Captivaing resume


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