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How to Create LASTING New Year's Resolutions

It’s the new year and we’re feeling the high energy! With January being a month of momentum, this is also a time of self discovery with questions trickling in of “who am I?” and “what am I meant to do?” Join us as we help you unpack these questions. We’ll be talking purpose, passion, and profit, armed with glasses of wine and marketing tips! 🍷If you’ve ever felt un-focused, stuck, or are simply yearning for growth, we can’t wait to chat with you! Because each of us has something to offer and we want to help you discover you unique gifts as a musician and artist.Want even more? Check out this week's blog post:

Posted by The Marketed Musician on Monday, January 15, 2018

Your interests and passions are what make you you.


I remember when I first heard the term “multi-passionate” coined by none other than Marie Forleo. (And if you don’t know who Marie is, get to know her. She’ll rock your world.) My ears perked up. I gazed around.

Did someone just call my name?

If you’re a creative or an artist of some sort, I know your ears are perked up too. Because something about art draws us closer to the world. We’re innately led by our curious states. We learn something new, find joy in it, and sometimes, if we have the time and resources, we may even develop a new skill.

Photography. Producing. Playing the banjo. 

We like many things and we feel good. Really good. Until, we face the looming question that inevitably makes things awkward.

“What do you do?”

Suddenly, the whole multi-passionate thing becomes very confusing.

The answer can feel disjunct. Not synced. And then we worry about whether or not people will take us seriously or think that we’re “focused.”


But what if we changed our perspective on what “job title” actually means.


Rather than focusing on a singular title, think of it like a job description — the essence of what describes you:


What you do + what you naturally do + what you like to do.


In other words, your job “title” is the combination of your skills + your strengths + your curiosities.



The result of learning, training, and producing something. It’s the singing, playing, writing, accompanying, composing — that which takes practice and devotion to be able to do.


The essence of who you are and what you innately do well. Your strengths are the natural gifts that you possess — your humor, intellect, creativity, articulate nature — that make you you.


The little whispers from your gut. The wonder and excitement of learning something new. The flirty side of passion. We’re artists and creative beings for a reason — something triggered us in the first place.

Where there is overlap, there is magic.

Let’s take Katherine for example.

Katherine is a vocalist. (skill)
Katherine became interested in psychology and human behavior. (curiosity)
She went on to become a certified social-emotional coach. (skill)
She is a natural nurturer and enjoys helping others reshape a positive mental state, particularly when performing. (strength)
Katherine is a Mindset Coach for Musicians. (job title)


If you google search “mindset coach for musicians,” chances are, this doesn’t show up on the standard college list of jobs-you-can-have-as-a-musician. (And we love that.) Because Katherine is multi-passionate and combined the essence of who she is (skills, strengths, curiosities) to create a meaningful career that she truly enjoys.

Similar to your brand’s sweet spot, finding the right combination of strengths, skills, and curiosities takes time. It requires an enormous amount of self reflection, self love, and openness to stretch outside of your comfort zone.


How do I figure out my combination?


If you’re overwhelmed by all of the possibilities, here’s a few questions to get you started:

1. What do you contribute to you industry/field already?

Consider what you already do really well. There’s no use in trying to start all over — your skills are there for a reason! What do people thank you for? When do you feel the most useful and appreciated? What makes you feel like you’re making a difference?

2. What gets you excited & interested in learning more?

Curiosity is the generator of passion. And curiosity, unlike passion (which can carry a lot weight), is the compass that leads you where you need to go. What’s something that’s peaking your interest lately? What do you find yourself reading, listening to, or watching frequently?

3. Why do you like what you like?

When you have multiple passions, it can be difficult to tell which passions fall into “career worthy” and “hobby worthy.” So ask yourself, what about this do I enjoy? How does my passion effect other people? How does it effect me?


The world is your oyster — grab hold of it!


Want to get even deeper?

We’ve got a workshop that will help you:

  • Find your creative purpose (and what that means)
  • Identify your artistic services
  • Discover more ways to make money
  • Create a profit plan

and a helluva lot more!


Our self paced “weekend workshop” is the perfect 3 day retreat to get deep with who you are, why you’re here, and how to create a purposeful artistic career.

This is the workshop you didn’t get in school. And now, it’s available for you at just $29 (normally $45).

We’re right alongside you – permission slip and all! Because you deserve it.




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