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Have you ever asked this question?

Ohhh do I get it. When I first started working on my personal brand a couple of years ago, I signed up for every kind of coaching call I could possibly get my hands on to ask them this question.

Marketing strategists have gradually dumbed down the process to creating an authentic brand because, quite honestly, it takes time to figure it out. And with everyone’s incessant need for instant gratification, it’s no wonder that top headlines for branding are things like, “3 steps to create your brand” and “branding made easy” and “build your brand in 10 minutes.” (Okay, I don’t know if that second one is actually a real title, but you get the idea.)

And here’s the thing that no one told me —

Your brand is not what you do. It’s who you are.

Now, you’re probably reading this thinking, “yeah, yeah. I’ve heard this before. But that doesn’t answer the question of how to create a cohesive brand…”

Oh, don’t worry. I got you there, too.

Let’s take my friend Ashley, for example. Ashley is a music therapist. She has worked for hospitals and health clinics helping heal patients of every kind through her signature sleep music album. But Ashley is equally passionate about songwriting. And consulting.

In other words, Ashley is a multi-passionate creative

So when Ashley came to me asking how to create a brand that was both focused AND authentic, she had a million pages in her notebook of every kind of offering she could offer.

Music therapy coaching sessions.
Performing original songs.
Consulting for businesses who play music as part of their ambiance (think: bars or coffee shops).

Ashley felt confused and frazzled, embarrassed by having “so many passions.”

But here’s the beauty of being multi-passionate:
YOU are the common denominator.

There is a difference between creating your brand promise and creating your mission.

Your brand promise is who you are. It’s what drives you. What inspires you. What gives you energy.
It’s why you do what you do. What you value. What you believe.

A brand promise, quite simply, is the passion. So, what does that mean?

Take Example A: Custom tailored lessons for students of all ages. Example A explains the what. This (real) music school’s tagline explains what the business does and who they do it for. Great! But that’s not their brand promise.

Example B: Empowering creativity and expression to create authentic experiences. Example B explains the why. And notice the word choices: Empowering. Creativity. Expression. Authenticity. (And if those aren’t awesome values, then I don’t know what is!)

The point is this: YOU are the brand.

And your brand promise is the promise you choose to deliver based off of why you do what you do + how you feel about your work.

Remember Ashley? She values presence. Expression. Wonder. And authenticity. She believes that we can use music and art is a tool to heal, learn, and live within our best self.

Her brand promise? Live Out Loud. 

Ready to create yours? Grab the freebie below to create YOUR brand promise. Because no matter how many passions you have, YOU are the connective tissue behind them all.

And we believe that musicians no longer need to be afraid of business & marketing.



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