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by Clair Condit and Allie Tyler | The Marketed Musician Podcast

If you’re a performer wanting to book more gigs for yourself or your small ensemble, and you loathe the idea of making “cold calls” or waiting for that once-in-a-blue-moon booking on an upcoming concert series, then you’re going to LOVE what we’re talking about in this episode!

Our friend Bree Noble shared so much valuable info about house concerts!

We highly recommend catching the full 50-minute conversation (or, let’s be honest, it could 100% be considered a free class) via either video on Facebook or audio right here on this podcast episode.

But to sum up our top 5 takeaways, here we go….

#1 – House concerts are NOT just for Indie or pop musicians.

As classical musicians, our industry tends to err on the side of traditional concert venues. However, there is a huge opportunity to grow as a performer, build a tight-knit connection with your audience and make money (yes, you heard that right!) by booking your own house concerts.

#2 – No house? No problem!

Just because it’s called a “house” concert doesn’t mean it has to be in a house. If you know someone who would love to gather their friends and family together to hear you perform but maybe their home isn’t quite roomy enough – that’s OK! Any intimate venue that can be privately booked (like a church or art gallery) will work just fine!

#3 – Create an amazing experience for your guests.

Say goodbye to the wall of separation between you and your audience! You are creating a shared, intimate experience with a small group of people who are there to connect with you and your music. So, consciously create a memorable experience from the moment guests arrive at the home to the moment they leave at the end of the evening. Think: storytelling, open conversation between pieces, mingling as guests arrive, etc.

#4 – Build on currently booked performances to create a tour.

Traveling to a different city to perform an upcoming concert? Make the most of your trip by reaching out to a few great people you know in that city to see if they’d be interested in inviting 20-40 of their friends and family over for a private concert at their home while you’re in town. And, boom! Just like that, you’ve doubled your performance engagements (and likely, your profit) from that trip! (Don’t know anyone who lives in that city? Check out Bree’s free guide of online house concert booking resources!)

#5 – Give them a reason to attend.

While the concept of classical music in an intimate setting will be enough to draw many folks in, others might need an extra nudge to make the decision to attend. To help with that nudge, give your concert a theme or larger purpose. A few examples for inspiration are:

  • Give a portion of proceeds to your favorite charity.
  • Raise scholarship money to attend music school (if you’re a student).
  • Celebrate the launch of a new recording project.

And there ya have it! Our top 5 takeaways from our conversation with Bree about house concerts!

If you enjoyed these top 5 takeaways and want even more, check out the podcast or FB Live recording for the full 50-minutes of inside scoop!


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